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Hammond course for Hammond fans

Hammond organ

At the school, there are 4 electromagnetic Hammond organs (A-100 equivalent to B3/C3, T-200, M-100, TTR-100, all with Leslie cabinet) at your disposal, so you can hone your Hammond playing technique.

The following points will be covered (for example) in the course:

  • Working with drawbars and learning world famous registrations
  • Mixing between upper and lower manuals
  • Typical left hand accompaniments
  • The many possibilities of working with the bass pedal Learning famous Hammond hits
  • Knowing how to use different percussion
  • When to use vibrato and leslie
  • Typical Hammond voicings UM/LM
  • Enter into the fascinating world of improvisation
  • Learn improvisation technique of great Hammond organists like: Rhoda Scott, Barbara Dennerlein, Shirley Scott, Rick van der Linden, Milt Buckner, Jimmy Smith, Brian Auger, Wild Bill Davis, a.s.o.
  • Adapting Hammond technique to other electric organs/keyboards

The course instructor himself plays in a traditional jazz trio with the following line-up:

  • Hammond organ with bass pedal Clarinet 
  • Drums

Therefore any questions regarding arranging and playing on stage can be looked at.

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